Nutella Region: Alba, Piedmont, Italy

We’ve been talking about Nutella this month as our ingredient of the month. As mentioned before, Nutella was created by Pietro Ferrero in the city of Alba, Piedmont. There are many more things to discover in Alba as we experienced on our last trip.  

This beautiful area of the Langhe Valley has historical significance dating back to the Romans. The residents of Alba were very excited that their region had just been recognized by the UNESCO Human Heritage organization and that recognition would bring money to the community to improve their tourist industry. At this point, Piedmont is still somewhat undiscovered and quiet except during the white truffle harvest in the fall.

Alba is also renowned for their wine production, in particular the DOCG Barbaresco, Barolo and Moscato. Wineries have been in production here since the 1500’s. There are many winery tours to choose from in the area, some classic that have stood the test of time and others with a new age approach to push the boundaries of the existing wine palate.

With all these delicious products to choose from, it will be no surprise to know that Alba is also the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement and the home of the inspirational food chain Eataly.

Stay tuned and check back for next month's Ingredient of the Month!

- Kristy Dym