It’s no secret that Italians know how to have a good time. From the savory food and wine to the terrific company, Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana was proud to host its fourth annual Meet the Masters event this month. With over 200 guests at the two night event, Denver got a splash of Italian style, zest and flavor.

With restaurants in Italy and New York City, guest chefs Don Antonio Starita and Roberto Caporuscio, along with Racca’s owner Mark Dym, whipped up original recipes separate from Racca’s traditional menu. These fresh tastes included stuffed cerignola olives, mozzerella in corozza and house-made burrata cheese. These zesty bites were followed by an array of specialty pizzas with select ingredients from Italy including stracciatella and cresenza cheeses, oyster mushrooms and cured speck - also known in American terms as a smokey bacon.

While greatly enjoying the food, the guests were just as excited to mingle with the chefs and learn the art of pizza and wine pairing. We guarantee that no other spot in Denver was elate with such authentic flavor and genuine company!  

We talk about our pizza being fired by passion because it truly is. The art of authenticity, quality of our ingredients and taste of the final product drive us to continually serve unbeatable pizza. We are honored to maintain the only VPN certification in the state of Colorado and represent pizza at its finest in authentic Neapolitan style.  

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