Racca's is excited to share that Meghan from Cake 'N Knife chose us as one of her favorite pizza and beer spots in Denver!

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"Racca’s Pizzeria Napoletana – there are times that I want to satisfy my craving for true Italian pizza, and when I do, I head straight to Racca’s in the Ballpark district. I mean, when a pizza place has ovens that were flown in from Italy and get up to 1000 degrees, you kind of have to make a stop for a slice (or ten). Everything Racca’s serves up is made in their blistering hot ovens, from their focaccia to their pizzas. The crispy, warm and soft dough each pizza sits on transports me right back to the streets of Italy. Whenever I come here, I highly recommend sitting on the patio so you can people-watch along with your pizza and cold brew. The char of the dough, the beer, and the fans pouring into or out of the stadium in the summer is a prime Denver experience in the making, my friends.
Recommended Bites: Focaccia (made in the oven, perfectly soft and chewy, and full of flavor. Be sure to pair it with some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, as well as their special Calabrian Olive Oil – click on the link to make it yourself!), Toscana pizza (piled high with arugula, tomatoes, salty prosciutto and sheep’s milk cheese. This is freshness in every bite – made even better with their Calabrian Olive Oil drizzled on top – and should be paired with a fresh IPA, sour or even pale ale), Umbria pizza (the sweeter Vidalia onions alongside sausage, peppers, basil and extra virgin olive oil is a sweet and savory combination of flavors. Extra delicious when paired with a classic farmhouse ale like Boulevard’s Tank 7)"


Thanks for a great article, Meghan!