Across our menu, you will find a variety of southern Italian favorites, mixed with a couple of our own creations. From our famous Limoncello Chicken Wings, to our classic Italian sandwiches, fresh salads, brunch pizzas and of course our Pizza Napoletana's, you are sure to find something to satisfy your taste buds. 


Gluten-free options

Our gluten-free crust is unlike any other. And we're not just saying that! Hear it from our guests themselves: 

"The gluten-free crust blew my mind. It was so light, fluffy, and delicious! I actually had to flag down my waitress and verify that it was indeed what I'd ordered, because it tasted too good to be gluten-free. The perfectly adequate crusts I enjoyed back home in L.A. seemed like cardboard in comparison." - Priscilla S., Visited May 2016

Our gluten-free pizza crust is made with Antico Molino Caputo Fiore Glut - Gluten-free flour mix. This "blend of rice and potato starches, rice and soy flour, sugar, thickeners and dietary fiber", combined with our daily preparation and hand-stretched techniques ensure that our gluten-free pizzas are some of the best available. Although we are not a gluten-free facility, our gluten-free pizzas are prepared with their own utensils and cooked in their own wood-fired oven to prevent any cross-contamination.